Week 5 – 2022 Build Season

As build season progresses, our building process is coming along nicely. As many of our seniors are coming back from their class trip, there is a lot to catch up on. Many of our sub-team leaders were absent last week, and they spent this week catching up in order to help make our robot deadline.

Design and Build Teams: 

The design and build teams have been working extremely hard as a unit to get the robot built. This week they were primarily focused on making various parts for the robot; this is quite an extensive list of parts. It is essential that we finish building as soon as possible, so that we can be as ready for competition season as possible. Sub-teams are working overtime to ensure they do their very best work. They are persevering and overcoming their issues, as this is a great opportunity for younger team members to learn how to work as a team. 


Business Team:

The business team is continuing to focus on outreach and fundraising. We have started multiple fundraisers, which include selling Country Meat Sticks and Wawa coupons. The meat sticks are $1.75 for one stick and $3.00 for two. The Wawa coupons are being sold for $5.00 per coupon. Reach out to our business team members for more information about the fundraisers! The team has also been busy planning multiple upcoming events. This includes Sponsor Night, where our team showcases to our sponsors where their money is going and what we’ve accomplished so far this season. We are also preparing for Science Night Live at our local elementary school, where our team visits to show younger kids the wonders of STEM. Finally, the business team is also coordinating a presentation with the Board of Education to talk about our successful FIRST Lego League season with our middle school teams.



Programming is working alongside the business and build teams. As not much can be done until the robot is built, they are taking preparatory steps. They are creating outlines and models of their tasks until they can really start making progress on the robot. This is a great example of how each facet of the team fits into one another, and how much we all rely on each other to work together.


Written by: Ryann Keefe & Amelia Tricker

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