Week 4 – 2022 Build Season

As week four of our build season comes to a close, our team made significant progress in getting our robot ready for competitions. Many of our senior team members have been absent due to the Class of 2022 Disney trip. As a result, many of our junior team members have had the opportunity to step up and fill leadership positions. This was essential in making more progress because many of our new team members are underclassmen, and they are really benefiting from the guidance of our juniors. These Class of 2023 team members have stepped up to take on leadership roles, and are making sure we are on track to build the robot.


Design and Build Teams:

As we are short on team members, the juniors and underclassmen have taken the lead on our current projects. The build team has been busy prototyping in preparation for our final robot. Both the shooter and the indexer were prototyped this week; then they were put together and tested to ensure they worked smoothly together. The collector was also prototyped, and is now ready for the final product. The machining team has also been keeping busy, producing many parts that are necessary for our final robot. Many of these parts need to be built on our CNC, so getting parts made on that machine was a big goal this week.


Business Team:

The business team has been super busy getting all of the team’s order forms in for our 1807 apparel. Parents, supporters, and teammates all wear our merch to show support for our team. We have also been putting the finishing touches on our Woodie Flowers Award submission. We submit one of our dedicated mentors for this award every year to acknowledge all of their hard work.


Written By: Amelia Tricker

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