Week 3 – 2022 Build Season

As we quickly approach the middle of build season everyone on the team has been kept super busy. Week three is all about getting the CAD model finished. But before that can happen, the build team had to spend time testing and reworking their models to get more accurate results with the collector, shooter, and the indexer. Once we knew what we wanted each part of the robot to look like the design team got to work.

Gavin Elwell is a junior who has taken a lead role in designing the intake mechanism for our 2022 robot. Along with the rest of the design team he has been creating a CAD model in inventor for our final design of the collector. “I plan on doing things that involve CAD well beyond high school so the skills I’m learning now are going to help me for a really long time”. Elwell adds “I love being here and making friends and all of us working together to build one robot is really inspiring”.

Julia Valentino who is also a Junior on our team has been leading our shooter prototype. Valentino describes week three for her group by saying “We had to go through a few prototypes but the one we have settled on is going very well. I’ve had a lot of good experiences working with our younger members, teaching them to build”. Vishek Desi who is a freshman on the machining team is getting his first taste of what it is like to be in the middle of a build season. “I have been working on the CNC to make different parts for the robot with Vanisha who is one of our machining leads”.

As far as business goes we have been super busy preparing for competitions. Our team uses custom ink to sell our apparel which ranges from tee-shirts to sweatpants to quarter zips for all members and supporters. We have been finishing up our submission for the Woodie Flowers Award and preparing for Sponsor Night which will occur at the end of the month.

Written by: Gabriella Biello

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