November 21, 2019

Custom Water Bottle Fundraiser

We are selling hot and cold water bottles with the Redbird Robotics or the Allentown Redbirds logo. Bottles are laser etched by our students to raise money for the robotics team

Each Water Bottle is sold for $20, and each Tumbler is sold for $25.

For an additional $5, a student will customize your bottle with your name, sport team, etc. 

Take a look at the options below (logos and bottles are interchangeable), then fill out the form below to get yours. 

Water Bottle (20oz)

Allentown Logo 

No Personalization

Water Bottle (16oz)

Redbird Robotics Logo

Personalization (Melissa)


(shown in red with Allentown Redbirds logo)

*Also available in white or black

Custom Water Bottle Fundraiser Form