Robotics Team Gears Up With Early Off-Season Success

Redbird Robotics Team was a finalist at an off-season competition at Salem Community College.

The last time Allentown High School’s robotics team Redbird Robotics competed in-person was early March 2020 at Hatboro-Horsham Senior High School in Pennsylvania. A year and a half later, Redbird Robotics continues to perform with flying colors at Salem Community College in New Jersey. On Oct. 16, the team became finalists at the off-season competition.

Last school year, the competitions changed from in-person to a virtual setting. Redbird Robotics participated in a variety of skill challenges using the same robot that was finished being built before March 2020. Last year, the team won the Industrial Design Award.

Additionally, one of the team’s mentors, Nikki Stout, became a Woodie Flowers Finalist Nominee. The Woodie Flowers Award is given to a mentor who is a positive influence, motivates, and challenges students to always strive to accomplish their best.

Also, Melissa Domen became a FIRST Dean’s List Nominee, which is given to a student to recognize their leadership and dedication to FIRST. She was nominated for her commitment as Business Lead on Redbird Robotics, founding the True North Robotics teams at Stone Bridge Middle School, coaching a local Girl Scout robotics team RoboGirls for four years, and traveling to Washington, DC to advocate for expansion of STEM programs.

Redbird Robotics is excited to see what the competition will look like for this school year. Each year in the beginning of January, FIRST announces a different challenge theme. FIRST stands for For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. FIRST is a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspire students to find interests in engineering, technology, and communication by organizing robotics competitions for all grade levels from Pre-K through 12th grade.

After the announcement of the robot challenge, all high school robotics teams will have approximately six weeks to design, prototype, build, and program a new industrial-sized robot. Competitions will take place throughout March and April.

Currently, high school students on Redbird Robotics are coaching Stone Bridge Middle School’s competitive Lego robotics team, True North Robotics. The team was established last school year and made significant successes including advancing to the Southern NJ District Championships, earning the Robot Design Award, Breakthrough Award, and Rising All-Star Award.

Under the guidance of Redbird Robotics, True North Robotics will strive to make outstanding progress again during their competitions later this scho

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