New Year New Schedule

Machinists, Jack Conroy and Lily Knott get back to work in shop last week

This year will look different compared to our robotics seasons in the past with competitions currently postponed due to COVID-19. To keep everyone safe, our team is divided into two groups of a little more than 10 people on Tuesday and Thursday. Both groups of students (Tuesday group and Thursday group) will eventually compete against each other in a robotics competition our team has created for ourselves. Each group will be making their own robot that can complete the tasks they are given.

The Tuesday group can not wait to be back. Jack Conroy and Joey Forte, sophomores on the build team, express their excitement for the upcoming school year. Joey says that “it’s going to be a little crazy at first, but eventually we will figure it out and have a lot of fun with it”. Many of the members are taking this unprecedented time to learn new things and hone their skills. Brandon Diaz, a Junior on CAD, says he is “kind of disappointed there won’t be a game this year, but I am excited to learn new stuff”. One of the seniors on the team, Cole Buckley, plans on spending his year ensuring his legacy and helping to prepare the team for when he is gone. 

The Thursday group is just as thrilled to be able to come back and learn new skills this year. Nick Marques and Sydney Miller, sophomores on the build team, express their feelings about this season. Sydney says she is “excited because we are going to use this year to expand our skills”. Nick says that “even though we aren’t having a normal season it will still be a great learning experience”. Programmers John Roy and Anthony Sabbatini are “ready to experiment with code and try new things”. It’s safe to say that the Thursday group is confident. RJ, a senior build member, jokes saying “I literally cannot wait to completely obliterate the competition”. All jokes aside both teams are excited to be back and see what the rest of the year holds.

Additionally, students on the Business Team have been working virtually to organize fundraisers, apply for grants, coordinate virtual events, and update our website and social media. Recently, the Business Team received a FIRST grant that focuses on supporting equity, diversity, and inclusion throughout our team environment.

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