Class of 2021


Anthony Asuncion has been on the robotics team for two years and is a Business sub-teams Co-Lead. His favorite part about robotics is the family atmosphere that brings Allentown Redbird Robotics together. He joined the robotics team so that he could pursue his passion for business. Other than robotics, Anthony also does Student Council, Chick-Fil-A Leader Academy, and Class Activities. Anthony’s hobbies also include helping people buy and lease cars. When Anthony graduates from AHS, he plans to get a degree in the business field.


Cole Buckley has been on the robotics team for three years and is on the Programming sub-team. Cole’s favorite part about robotics is working with people to problem solve. He joined the team because the team visited his middle school in 7th grade, and he immediately wanted to join. Cole’s hobbies include playing video games and building computers. Cole is planning on vibing after graduating from AHS.


Brendan Finnegan IV has been on the robotics team for one year and is on the Build sub-team. His favorite part about the robotics team is the construction of the robot. Brendan joined the team because he wanted an engaging challenge. His hobbies include camping, watching movies, and swimming. After graduating from AHS, Brendan wants to do a pre-law program at college and eventually go to law school.


Lily Knott has been on the robotics team for three years and is on the Build sub-team. Lily’s favorite part about robotics is learning to use the machines and being able to operate them to make useful parts. She joined the team because she had a friend on the team who asked her to join. Other than robotics, Lily participates in soccer, track, and the Environmental Club. In addition, she enjoys painting. After graduating from AHS, Lily plans on attending college.

Robert (RJ)

RJ McLaughlin has been on the robotics team for three years and is on the Build sub-team. His favorite part about robotics is the team and bonds that he builds throughout the year. RJ joined the team in order to further his knowledge in machining and engineering. Other than robotics, RJ is a part of the Student Council, Class Activities, and Spring Track. His hobbies include woodworking, boy scouts, and video making. After graduating from AHS, RJ plans on attending college for business and film.


Bio Info…


Brian Posluszny has been on the robotics team for three years and is on the Build sub-team. Brian most enjoys making new connections while expanding his student and professional network. With the FIRST organization, he was also able to learn about ways to better his community and further develop himself. His favorite activities to participate in during the season are designing and building. Brian joined the robotics team to expand his knowledge in the fields of engineering and mechanical systems. Joining the robotics team has taught him team working skills and the importance of listening to new perspectives. In addition to robotics, Brian serves as a chapter officer for the Allentown FFA. The FFA is a national career and technical student organization developing personal and career potential. Brian also enjoys serving his community through projects, like placing flags at the graves of fallen veterans each year before Memorial Day with his brother and grandmother. Outside of school and robotics, Brian enjoys working with his hands repairing and creating parts for cars and trucks. He also enjoys re-engineering machine parts to make the tools perform different tasks. For example, Brian used the coil inside of a microwave to make a miniature spot welder. After graduating from AHS, Brian plans to study aerospace engineering or mechanical engineering at university.


Anthony Sabbatini has been on the robotics team for three years and is a part of the Programming sub-team. His favorite part about the team is learning to code, going to competitions, and spending time with the team. Anthony joined the robotics team because he wanted to learn about coding, and was interested in the concepts of engineering and technology. Outside of robotics, he participates in Spring Track. Anthony’s hobbies include producing music, playing in multiple bands, Boy Scouts, and holding a job as a busboy in a restaurant. After graduating from AHS, he plans on majoring in musical engineering or some sort of computer science.