Outreach in our School District

Prior to our build season starting, we took time to visit the local middle school and elementary schools to introduce younger students to robotics.

On October 1st at Allentown High School, we showed off our 2019 robot at the orientation for next year’s freshmen. Brandon Diaz, a design lead for the team, said that he enjoyed driving the robot around and talking to the 8th graders. He also said that everyone who came up to him seemed to be super interested and were very excited to get involved next year!

On December 6th, we went to Newell Elementary School to show off our 2019 robot at their annual Science Night Live, which is an event for kids from the district to learn and be exposed to different branches of STEAM. There was everything from creating your own slime with our high school Science Honors Society, to exotic animals brought by The Franklin Institute. Kids who came also enjoyed using the competition game pieces to interact with our robot.

In addition to interacting with our 2019 robot, we had a large area for kids to drive VEX minibots and compete in different games. Shane, a sophomore, says that “It was a wonderful experience for the kids to learn about science, technology, engineering, and math”.

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