2020 Build Season – Week 5


On Monday, February 3, 2020, we visited Stone Bridge Middle School to give demonstrations to the technology classes. We taught the middle school kids about our team and the different roles students have. From there we introduced them to FIRST Robotics, Coopertition® and taught them about Gracious Professionalism®. 

Afterward, we showed students our 2017 competition robot, mini robots, and our prototype for our 2020 competition robot. The kids took turns and had a blast catching the power cells from our this year’s shooter. 

Build Team

The Build Team has made additional progress in the robot’s design. The robot’s bumper frame has been created and by Saturday (2/8/20) we aim to have the padding and cover on the bumper frame. The intake prototype for the robot has also been cleaned up and completed. With the completion of an intake prototype, the final assembly of the intake to the robot has begun. Along with the intake, the belt for the robot has also been finalized.

A vital moment has been achieved for the Lift Sub-team. They constructed a styrofoam model of their finalized CAD design. They did this in order to have a to-scale model of the lift, as well as testing it on our robot prototype to find areas open for piston placement. These pistons are what provides the force that allows the lift to be raised and lowered. Additionally, the lift frame has been reduced in weight to fit better within the build restrictions. 


The Programming Team has been practicing their coding on the 2017 robot. They have also added additional codes that allow the robot to control the strength of each shot, depending on its distance from the targets.

Business Team

This week the Business Team has drafted our second newsletter; it is scheduled to be sent out early next week (Click here to sign up for our newsletter). In addition, they have started to prepare to update the Business Plan for the Entrepreneurship Award. The Business Team also continued to add mentor bios to the website and take pictures of our team in order to document our build season.

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