January 31, 2020

2020 Build Season – Week 4

Business Team

This week the Business Team, after hard work and lots of planning, were able to have a very successful Sponsor Night. They coordinated presentations and assembled gift bags for our sponsors. Sponsor Night showed everyone who came what our team has completed this build season. In addition to planning Sponsor Night, the Business Team has been working adding all of our mentor bios to our team’s website for all of our supportive parents and sponsors to see. Finally, the Business Team has finalized the order form for this year’s team apparel.

Build Team

Our indexer and shooter were finalized and tested. They worked out very well, and as a result, the Build Team is continuing to finalize the rest of our robot. This week, the Build Team has worked on attaching the two designs together. The Indexer stores and transports the power cells to the shooter which shoots the power cells into the power ports. Once combined, the indexer and shooter were tested, and few tweaks were made to make it work more effectively.  In this coming week, the two teams will continue to hammer out any problems or complications they encounter with either of the two parts.

Lift Team

The Lift Team has finished their CAD design and was able to begin refining their finished model. Over the weekend they will be practicing with their lift using a prototype made out of styrofoam. By the end of this week and the coming weeks, the goal of the Lift Team is to have a prototype finished and ready for on-robot testing.

Programming Team

The Programming Team has been testing their coding on the 2017 robot. Until this year’s robot is built, the Programming Team is to continue its code testing and driving capabilities on the 2017 robot.