2020 Build Season – Week 2

During Week 2, the Design Team collaborated with the rest of the team to prototype the final design for our robot. The Design Team worked tirelessly in partnership with the Build Team to determine what would be the most effective and efficient design for our 2020 robot. They debated over building a high bot, a trench bot, a low bot, a hooded shooter, or a two wheel shooter. After some intense discussion, we had narrowed our possible design options to just a few choices. As of now, we are leaning towards using a hooded shooter design for our robot. 

Additionally, we are determining how many power cells we want our robot to manipulate and shoot into the power ports at once. To figure this out, we received a new shipment of wheels, which we’ll be using to design and prototype the robot this coming week. The wheels will be used to take in balls from across the field so that during the game the robot can then shoot the collected power cells (balls) into the power ports (goals) with great precision. 

Meanwhile, the Business Team has been working hard to prepare for Sponsor Night, designing team apparel, creating newsletters, and taking many photos in order to document the team’s journey throughout the season. For Sponsor Night, they have prepared a presentation that includes last year’s accomplishments, our outreach programs, our goals for this year, and the prototype for this year’s robot.


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