Class of 2019

Trent Berrien

Trent was the mechanical lead on the team during his senior year. During his third year on FRC 1807, he was the design lead. He considers himself a “Wawa connoisseur”. If he isn’t at Wawa, he is working on CAD. His favorite part about robotics is his fellow member, Amogh and being able to design robots. He plans on studying mechanical engineering in the future.

Amogh Chinnakonda

Amogh was on the mechanical team during his fourth year of robotics. He aids in prototyping, strategy, and scouting. His favorite part of robotics is the food and strategy. Outside of robotics, he participates in recreational basketball and varsity cross country. His favorite phrase is “that wasn’t very cash money of you.”

Abby Howell

Abby has been on the team since her freshman year. She enjoys robotics because she is able to utilize the skills she has learned to design and create complex structures, while also spending time with her friends. Outside of robotics, Abby is heavily involved in school varsity sports, including soccer and lacrosse.

Noelle Moser

Noelle was on the business team, and her senior year was her first year of robotics. She helps manage social media accounts and school spirit. She enjoys robotics because of the community and the tight-knit relationships built during build season.

Elizabeth Olshanetsky

Elizabeth was the team’s Co-President and director of the Business team. As a freshman, Elizabeth switched from the programming to business once she realized the team’s financial needs were not being met. From there, she learned about reaching out to sponsors, planning events, and writing business plans. She organized a FIRST Ladies conference at TCNJ, volunteered at an offseason competition in China, and was a 2018 Dean’s List Finalist. Elizabeth plans on studying computer and data science in the future.

Peter Rauscher

Peter joined the software team due to his passion for programming and computers. He enjoys expanding his knowledge and learning new programming languages. Outside of robotics, Peter feels most comfortable on the computer writing programs.

Luke Reilly

Luke was on the mechanical team, and has been on the team for four years. He aids in pneumatics and the team website. Luke enjoys the environment of robotics — being around members of the same age and interests, who can come together to build a cohesive robot. Outside of robotics, Luke runs cross country and is an Eagle Scout. After highschool, he plans on majoring in mechanical engineering.

Kristopher Riordan

Kris has been on FRC 1807 for two years. He is on the mechanical team and works on prototyping with CAD. He enjoys robotics and working with CAD because he can make his ideas reality. He plans on majoring in aerospace engineering, and enjoys playing video games, yoyoing, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and listening to The Beatles.

Jared "Skiddy" Skidmore

Jared was on the electrical team and has been on the team for all four years in high school. He is the lead for the electrical team, and specializes in pneumatics and sensors. He enjoys the competitions the most, and participates in Boy Scouts outside of robotics. His interest in robotics and technology were instilled in him by his father at a young age.

Joey Sofia

Joey has been on the software team on FRC 1807 since his freshman year. He was promoted to lead driver during his sophomore year, and has trained underclassmen on driving the robot. During his senior year, Joey was team Co-President, incharge of the mechanical side of 1807. When not programming, Joey DJs for the team. In his own words, “the mechanical team makes the robot, and I makes the robot do things.”

Joseph Sznaza

Joseph has been on the team for all four years of highschool; he is on the Build team. Joseph assists in CAD, and building and prototyping the robot. He helped bridge the gap between the electrical and mechanical team, incorporating them on the robot. Outside of robotics, Joseph participates in the school’s academic team and enjoys refining his CAD skills.

Molly Thorp

Molly was part of the Business team. Her senior year was her second year of robotics, where she took photos, helped write necessary documents, and managed the social media accounts. She enjoys the challenge and community that robotics provides, which allows her to explore her interests further. Outside of robotics, Molly participates in multiple vocal groups, as well as performing in school musicals.

Cole Walter

Cole has been on the team for four years. During his senior year, Cole was on the Mechanical team, and worked with the laser cutter. His favorite part about robotics is taking inspiration from successful designs and solving problems as they arise. Outside of robotics Cole enjoys learning about engineering, physics, and space.

Millie Watt

Millie was part of the Business team. Her senior year was her second year of robotics. She helped writing business related documents, as well as designing spirit and apparel. She enjoys the community of robotics and the bonds created during the season. Millie plans on attending the University of Pittsburgh for microbiology and neuroscience in 2019.